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                                This page is dedicated to my Friend, and my breeder.   Lynne Connell.   I will
always carry fond memories of her, and the good times we had.   I will always cry when I think about her.  Most
of all, I will miss her terribly.  We had intended to do a page for Lynne all along, unfortunately we did not get
it finished before she left us.  We have since changed our original page.  Lynne was taken from us on the 17th
of November 2004.  Ill from cancer long before any of us knew.  Lynne's friends (there are many), and her son
Geoff  took care of her, kept her comfortable and remained by her side through this terrible time.  I could not
come to her side and I have to say "Thank You" to Lyndall, Diane, Geoff, Lyndall's mum, and Lynne's friend
in Adelaide who were all there for her.  You all made her  last days bearable, and kept her strong.  Lynne
loved all her friends and her son dearly.  We met Lynne in Alice Springs, Australia.  My husband and I had
gone to look at one of her Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for sale.  A Cavalier I fell in love with
immediately,  our Desi.  I liked Lynne from the start, she was a very nice lady.  Over time we became very
close friends.  She had taught me many things I needed to know about conformation, grooming, and the general
care of a Cavalier.  She would teach me many more things over the next two years, never once growing weary,or
becoming upset over my many questions.  Lynne dedicated more than 30 years to the breeding of Pap illions,
and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels with many successes.  She donated so much of her time to the kennel
club and volunteered  a lot of her time to help better the club and the breeds over the years.  She funded many
prizes to help promote the club.
Lynne owned Larvik Kennel out of Alice Springs, Australia.  
She was a member of the Northern Territory Canine association,  The Alice Springs Kennel Club, and
the newly formed Red Hearts Kennel Club.  The Larvik affix has been been allowed to retire as of
November 2004.
Most of Lynne's Paps, and Cavs have gone to D.  Knight of KnightBrook Kennel out of the Melbourne
area in Australia.  Dudley and Reagan have remained with  L. Hopgood of Alice Springs, Australia.
Lynne loved to show her dogs.  
Often, she would have several entered  for one
driving us (those of us who were close to her)
Lynne was a wonderful person!  She would go out of
her way to help a friend.  And even further to help a
stranger learn the ropes .
She never hestitated to answer a question.  Often
times NACA would refer people to her for
answers.  She was always willing to help, in any way
that she could.
Lynne has had many championed dogs over the
years.  She has loved each and every one, titled or
Those champions that she has left behind will
continue to be shown, and go on to receive higher   
And for those of us who have her dogs just starting
out, we  will continue to show those we can until they
are titled, or just plain show them our love.  

And if we know Lynne, she will be looking on just
beaming with pride.  Her world circulated around her
Not only will we miss her, so too will her special little friends. We do not have photos of them all, but we
do have a few that we have taken over the last few years while in Australia.   And some were little friends
that belonged to other breeders.  If we have failed to mention a few, or just didn't know of a few, please,
accept  our apologies.
Half Pint
My Friend
From time to time may you smile down upon us my friend, those of us you have left
behind. And through the laughter, and the joy.   The licks, and cuddles, of little
friends  who left before.  May you point us out to them and say,  remember  when
we knew them then, our friends on Earth, and give a wave.
        May you be happy now, my friend.  There, with them, at Rainbow Bridge.

                                             You will be missed Always!
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