J Bar T /Rollin Plains
These  are our wonderful  little Cavalier King Charles Spaniels friends.  They come from Australia,
and the Larvik Kennel owned by Mrs. L.M. Connell.  Mrs. Connell had provided all of our Cavaliers.  
They have  been, and/or, are on their  way to being completely  OFA, CERF, and DNA  tested
and registered.  
Katy is the newest member of our family and  what a treasure.  She has grown quite a bit since her arrival back
in Dec.
of 2004. She is a little monster.  It did not take her long to make herself at home.  
We have fallen in love with this little girl.  
They are all so very precious to us, our lives would truly be
empty without them in it.  We are ever thankful to Lynne,
Diane, and Lyn R. For providing John and I with these
little treasures.
We are also home to Kunea, Our Siberian Husky, and
Baylor, Our 12 year old German Short-Hair  Pointer.
Baylor has been a part of our family since late 1995.
Kunea, who is coming up on eight years of age has been
with us since 1997.  Both old men now,  they have been
enjoying their  retirement out here on the ranch where they
have plenty of room to roam and play, or just laze in the
sun.  They missed us terribly while we were away in
Australia and are very happy to have us back home.
This is Jake.
He has been with us here on the ranch since
the summer of 2001.  He comes and goes as
he pleases. On nice warm summer days you
will find Jake camped out in the flower beds
where it is cool.  Although wild from birth, he
is still very loving and loves to cuddle.
The highlands have taught John and I quite a bit. They love to be
brushed, rubbed,  and talked to.  They are intelligent, they are
self-sufficient, and they do love attention.
Often we look out and can see them running and playing in the
fields.  They are a joy to have around, and are not any trouble at
Fitz is a pedigreed heifer, she has grown quite a bit since coming
to our home.  She is very gentle, and sweet.  She loves to play
with the smaller Highlands.  She still likes to hop around like a
rabbit while playing.   Fitz is well-proportioned, her back is level
and straight, and she large.  
Double Malt is a pedigreed heifer who is now 18
months old, and very sweet and, very curious.
She has a gorgeous face that looks very promising
for future stock.  We are anxious to see her
development as she gets older.  
Malty is pedigreed. She is now nearly 8 years old.  
She is a big sweetheart!  She has delivered a
gorgeous little bull-calf.  She is leader in the
pecking order, she keeps the others together.   
She is well seasoned in being boss. The
Highlands are all sporting very nice long coats
now, some photos have turned out to be wonderful
Highland cards
and stationery.
We at J Bar T, and  Rollin Plains would like to thank you again
for dropping in and getting to know a little bit about our small
family.  We love all our animals, and they certainly keep us busy
and on our toes. Our pages will continue to grow as we have time
to add to them, please stop back from time to time and see how
we are doing.  We also have a Stationery/Card page you can
visit of the Scottish Highland Cattle, we will have Scottish
Highland Christmas Cards available soon. Some ares of our
site are still under construction.  We would like to thank you in
advance for your patience while we complete our site.

J Bar T Ranch
Email:   Tinashoe1@RollinPlainsCavaliers.com
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Welcome to the home of J Bar T Highlands and Rollin Plains Cavaliers.  We are a small
family of Scottish Highland Cattle, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels located on the
South Central Plains near Elizabeth, Colorado.
 This is our permanent home.  We moved
in Oct. 2006 to the
beautiful and scenic Nidderdale Valley of North Yorkshire, England.  
It has been keeping us busy, we hope to be updating our site soon.

We are owned by four beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. It was love at first sight
for us with this breed.
Everything they do is to please you, they have so much love to give,
and give it they do.
How could anyone ever refuse these little bundles of joy. Our lives
circulates around theirs and we wouldn't have it any other way.  
Since our return from Australia in 2004 we added Scottish Highland Cattle to our little
family. It has been fun getting to know our Highlands and watching them grow, we have
learned so much from them. We have sold most of our Highlands keeping a few. We have
wonderful friends taking care of those we have kept.
We at Rollin Plains and J Bar T  would like to thank you  for  stopping in and getting to
know our little family.  We hope that you will  visit us again as
our pages continue to change, and grow. We will be adding
more pages soon.

Please enjoy your visit, and, if you have the time
sign our guest book.

J Bar T Ranch
Jake is very effective at keeping the
critters at bay around our property.  
He more than earns his keep, and
enjoys his many rewards.  Jake makes
his bed at night with Baylor, our
German Short-Hair.